Meet Our Team

What makes us different - why are we unique.

There are numerous competitors out there on the market. So why look at us? We pride ourselves on what makes us different:

  • We live the PEMY Way (see what that means for you)
  • We believe that technical excellence underlies engineering work which is essential for supporting the client. We therefore place an emphasis on technical excellence in our people and our partners.
  • We not only network internally – but externally – so that we have all of the expertise to do the job with the best possible people.
  • We put ourselves in the owner/operators shoes and attempt to understand the challenges they face and provide appropriate solutions.
  • We speak up when we see a safety or environmental issue and warn clients that their actions may be creating risks for their companies what can be best handled in other ways.
  • We participate in industry committees to stay sharp and on top of todays trends and issues.