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We Are Experts In

  • Tank, Piping,  Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Equipment (siting, planning, design, construction, inspection, maintenance, damaged equipment, fitness and suitability for service, safety, risks, and all ownership issues)
  • Plant layout and design especially as it relates to safe, workable designs including all aspects of fire protection
  • Management of Change, Job Safety Analysis for Hot Tapping, Confined Space Entries, Storage Tank Cleaning, Atmospheric Testing, hydrostatic testing, jacking of structures, leak detection, incident investigations and root cause analysis
  • Mathematical and Statistical Modeling and Simulation for various problems including: stock loss control, inventory reconciliation, inventory balancing, leak detection, and corrosion rate determination

 What We Do

  • Assist all sectors of the petroleum industry (refining, upstream, downstream, pipeline) to set up equipment integrity and inspection programs or piping, tanks, and vessels. Provide analysis of existing equipment programs looking for gaps and efficiency improvements.

  • Establish tank overfill prevention programs in accordance with new standards (API 2350 and IEC61511)

  • General Data Analysis, Analysis of Variance, Design of Experiments
  • Decision and Risk Analysis using probabilistic methods Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Expert Witness for tank, piping and vessels
  • Training/Courses on-site/off-site on tanks, piping, vessels
  • SPCC Plans (spill prevention countermeasures plans), analysis for defensibility and audits



Philip E. Myers has over 30 years engineering experience in the petrochemical and petroleum industries.  He has worked with many industry committees such as API, Steel Tank Institute & ASME.  He has developed and helped to pioneer many of today's piping, tank and vessel standards. 

Phil has also published one of the authoritative references for oil storage tanks and has also written numerous articles for Oil & Gas Journal, Hydrocarbon Processing, and Thompson Publishing Updates.   

He has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of California Berkeley and a Masters of Theoretical and Applied Statistics from the California State University Eastbay.

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